Checklist Before You Go
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Passports and Visas

Before you go

-check that your passport is still valid and make a note of its number, date and place of issue

-if you want to travel overseas, including journeys through the Channel tunnel, you will need a passport

-check if you need a Visa

-children under 16 need their own individual passport

-take another means of identification, preferably with photograph


Before you go…

-buy a return ticket

When you are there…

-keep your tickets in safe place


Before you go…

-make sure you have enough to cover emergencies

-take traveller’s cheques

-keep separate records of their numbers

When you are there…

-carry only as much money as you need for the day

-if you have to carry a lot of money, ask your partner or a friend to carry some of it for you

-use money belt or secure inside pocket

-leave the rest in a safe place

Credit cards

Before you go…

-check the expiry dates

-make a separate note of their numbers

When you are there…

-don’t carry all your cards with you


Before you go…Be sure that policy provides for:

-an air ambulance, in case you need to be flown home

-all medical bills (which can be expensive)

-any potentially hazardous sports activities

-bringing the body home, in the event of death

-bringing your family home, in the event of your illness or injury

-replacing and / or bringing your car home


-avoid any involvement with drugs – the penalties are severe and could include the death sentence

-don’t carry parcels or luggage through customs for other people

-don’t cross land borders with people you don’t know, e.g. hitch-hikers

-carry a doctor prescription for any drugs you may need

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