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Large villas in UK, Portugal, Spain,
France, Cyprus, Denmark, Croatia, Greece,
Italy, Malta, Germany, Montenegro, Turkey & USA.

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CRA204161, Dalmatia
This spacious property is perfect for large groups of friends travelling together, with or without kids. Located in Bajince, a charming coastal village less than an hour’s drive from the city of Split, this luxurious beachfront villa has everything you need for a holiday full of fun and relaxati
Sleeps 14 | View CRA204161

CRA204156, Dalmatia
Located in Orasac, Croatia, this luxurious 300 sqm villa can accommodate up to 14 people with its perfectly designed interior for groups of friends or even families. The sea views from this villa are simply magical and breathtaking. This incredible villa is only 800 meters away from the beach and
Sleeps 14 | View CRA204156

CRA204154, Istria
Located in beautiful Istria, this lavish villa offers pure luxury with its wonderful garden and outside resting area,exquisitely decorated interior and accommodates up to 8 people. The villa features an outside barbecue which is great for preparing meals to be enjoyed near your very own private po
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204154

CRA204153, Istria
This elegant holiday villa is located in the Croatian village of Vabriga, which hosts annual classical music concerts over the summer. It is fully equipped to provide up to 8+2 guests with an unforgettable holiday experience, with a well furnished interior and an exterior featuring a pool and terr
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204153

CRA204152, Dalmatia
This breezy villa is located on the dazzling island of Korčula. It surrounded with magnificent nature and offers a breath-taking view of the sea from 3 spacious balconies and direct beach access from the patio.
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204152

CRA204151, Dalmatia
This luxury villa is located on Murter Island. Due to its secluded setting, it offers the much needed peace and quiet. In addition to being an oasis of tranquility, the villa is just 20 m away from the sea! Boasting comfort, elegance and modern design, the villa accommodates eight guests with
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204151

CRA204150, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa located in Bobovisca on the island of Brac boasts luxury and elegance. Only a few steps away from the sea, the villa accommodates ten guests and features five fabulous bedrooms. While the exterior is decorated by Mother Nature, the interior is stylishly furnished throughout
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204150

CRA204149, Dalmatia
This wonderful secluded villa surrounded by nature features eight bedrooms, three living rooms and three kitchens, making it ideal for families and groups of friends. It is located in Betina, just a few steps a way from the beautiful beach. Betina is on the island of Murter, located between Siben
Sleeps 16 | View CRA204149

CRA204148, Dalmatia
This stunning waterfront villa boasts comfort and gorgeous traditional style! Refined to match contemporary standards, the villa is the ideal place for relaxation and gathering. Being only a few steps away from the sea, the interior features stylishly furnished areas, including a fully equipped
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204148

CRA204147, Istria
This wonderful villa is newly constructed and boasts elegance and luxury, accommodating up to ten guests. Fully air-conditioned, the villa features an open-plan lounge, a dining area and kitchen on its ground floor. The kitchen, fully equipped, contains all the necessary accessories for preparin
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204147

CRA204146, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa features four bedrooms and accommodates up to ten guests. It is located in Stanici. Along with marvelous sea views, the villa also boasts luxury and comfort. The stunning interior consists of three stories. On the ground floor, guests will find a fitness spa with sauna,
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204146

CRA204145, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa boasts luxury and comfort! It is located on the beachfront, offering mind-blowing sea views. The interior is stylishly furnished, boasting ceiling glass windows in living areas. From the private terraces, guests can observe the magnificent sea and reach the ultimate level
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204145

CRA204144, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa is located in a secluded area, just a 30-minute drive away from Dubrovnik. The beautiful coastline combined with privacy and tranquility is what makes this villa so special and desirable. It features five bedrooms spread across two floors, a view of the lovely sea around ever
Sleeps 13 | View CRA204144

CRA204143, Dalmatia
This wonderful duplex property is located in Seget Donji, near Trogir. It boasts spacious area and luxury, accommodating up to sixteen guests. The six-bedroom duplex is a double villa complex, perfect for larger groups. Both villas offer decorated bedrooms, heated swimming pools, Jacuzzis and
Sleeps 16 | View CRA204143

CRA204142, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa located in the suburb of Split features ten bedrooms, accommodating up to twenty guests. Perfect for events or parties, the villa is soundproof so that guests need not worry about the neighbors! The atmosphere is very pleasant with the color blue covering many bedrooms in or
Sleeps 20 | View CRA204142

CRA204141, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa located on the island of Hvar in Dalmatia. It boasts elegance and comfort while being situated by the sea. Guests will have their peace and quiet on this refined property accessible via private driveway. Split into two buildings, the villa consists of main house and the gu
Sleeps 13 | View CRA204141

CRA204139, Istria
This wonderful villa located on the coast of Istria features five bedrooms and accommodates up to ten guests. Boasting luxury and comfort, the villa offers glorious views of the sea, which is privately accessible as well! The exterior grounds feature a lovely garden and pontoon. Private balcon
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204139

CRA204138, Dalmatia
This villa is located in the area of Primošten. It is a part of a larger complex. Boasting pure luxury and comfort, the villa accommodates eight people. Guests can enjoy magnificent sea views and stunning spacious living areas. The interior is stylishly furnished, featuring large glass wind
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204138

CRA204137, Dalmatia
This stunning villa is located on a waterfront on the western end of the Sea of Novigrad, 30 minutes away from Zadar. Stylishly furnished to match contemporary standards, the villa features four bedrooms, each with a sea view, and greets its guests with luxury and glamor. For an extra price, var
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204137

CRA204136, Dalmatia
This modern luxurious villa constructed following contemporary standards is located on the coast near the town of Primošten. Guests can simply walk down to the pebble beach or observe the magnificent sea from the terraces and rooms. The ground floor boasts spacious areas ideal for entertainment
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204136

CRA204134, Dalmatia
This wonderful modern villa is located on the Dubrovnik Riviera. Accommodating ten guests, the villa boasts maximum comfort and spectacular views of the endless blue Adriatic Sea. With five bedrooms, each having air conditioning, the villa ensures that its guests relax and forget about everythin
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204134

CRA204133, Dalmatia
This luxurious villa is located in Karbuni. The area in which the property is situated was a natural park that constituted a protected natural area along with the islands and islets around it. Guests can enjoy magnificent views from the villa. The interior boasts large spaces constructed by co
Sleeps 14 | View CRA204133

CRA204132, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa accommodates up to nine guests and features four bedrooms. Located in Orebic, the coastal villa overlook the magnificent blue sea and the grand mountain. Hanging over the bay, the infinity series pool offers a perfect chilling place. Moving on, a gorgeous garden takes one
Sleeps 9 | View CRA204132

CRA204131, Istria
Located in Istra, this wonderful villa features six bedrooms, accommodating up to fourteen guests and offering comfort and luxury. Aquapark Istralandia is a 10 minute drive away. Guests can enjoy the large open space either by chilling in the pool and absorbing the sunshine or by utilizing sun l
Sleeps 14 | View CRA204131

CRA204130, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa offers luxury and comfort, accommodating up to eight guests. The beach is just a short walk away. Dubrovnik Airport is around 12 km away, with the city itself not far from that. Guests can enjoy their privacy in the beautiful garden and outdoor dining area. Since the vill
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204130

CRA204129, Dalmatia
Located on the island of Hvar in Jelsa, this wonderful villa accommodates up to ten people. Guests can enjoy spectacular views of the magnificent Adriatic either from the pool or from the terrace, or simply walk down to the beach! The stylishly furnished interior features high ceilings, spacious
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204129

CRA204128, Dalmatia
This wonderful seafront villa boasts luxury and elegance. Designed following contemporary standards, the villa consists of three stunning floors. It is located in Sumartin on the island of Brac, on the water’s edge. Stylishly furnished throughout, the villa is a sanctuary of comfort ideal fo
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204128

CRA204127, Kvarner
Located on the island of Krk in a peaceful and secluded area, this marvelous villa boasts luxury. The clear and magnificent sea is accessible from the villa. Guests can take a short walk to the town of Malinska and visit restaurants and local shops. The exterior of the villa is decorated with
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204127

CRA204126, Dalmatia
This luxurious villa located in Seget Donji accommodates ten guests. It represents ultimate luxury and relaxation. The wonderful beaches are nearby, stretching across the magnificent Dalmatian coastline. Trogir and Split are located 2km and 6km away respectively. For Trogir, renting a car is
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204126

CRA204125, Dalmatia
This special villa has a phenomenal location and boasts luxury. Located in the village of Trsteno by the coastline, it is surrounded by cypress trees, adding to the Mediterranean sense of the place. The property is located near Trsteno Arboretum, also known as the King’s Landing gardens to “
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204125

CRA204124, Istria
This villa, located up in the hills above Kvarner Bay, features five bedrooms, accommodating up to ten guests. The villa is constructed following modern standards and offers magnificent sea views, a beautiful terrace and a swimming pool of the infinity series. For nature lovers, Učka Nature Par
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204124

CRA204123, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa is located in the old town part of Ploče. It is a sanctuary of peace, tranquility and privacy. Despite being renovated to match contemporary standards of style, the property still managed to preserve its flavor of tradition. It accommodates eight guests and features four b
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204123

CRA204122, Dalmatia
This wonderful waterfront villa boasts luxury and marvelous design. It is located on the island of Korcula, a peaceful and secluded area. The town or Korkula, with its amenities, is just minutes away. The villa offers magnificent views, breathtaking interior areas with natural lighting, and ma
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204122

CRA204121, Dalmatia
This magnificent villa boasts luxury, spectacular views, and never-ending beauty. It features four bedrooms,accommodating eight guests. Despite being stylishly furnished following modern standards, it still manages to preserve a sense of tradition. Located in Kotisina, Makarska, it offers the
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204121

CRA204120, Dalmatia
This modern villa boasting luxury accommodates twelve guests and features five bedrooms. Located along the coast in Seget Vranjica, a Dalmatian region, it offers marvelous sea views and a wonderful shrubbery filled garden. The swimming pool features Roman steps, making it accessible for older pe
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204120

CRA204119, Dalmatia
This villa located on an island waterfront offers unbelievable views and an amazing experience. A beautiful verdant forest surrounds the property. The stunning interior features wooden ceiling and furniture with rich texture. The kitchen is considerable elegant and equipped with numerous access
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204119

CRA204118, Dalmatia
This large and stunning villa accommodates up to sixteen guests and features eight bedrooms. Located in Dalmatia, the villa boasts style and luxury with its beautiful garden, magnificent sea views and large interior. From the swimming pool to the alfresco dining area and BBQ, guests have everythi
Sleeps 16 | View CRA204118

CRA204117, Dalmatia
Surrounded by pine trees and cypress trees, this wonderful villa situated on the Dalmatian coastline is truly breathtaking. The old town of Dubrovnik is just a short walk away. The villa accommodates twelve guests and features six suites. At guests’ disposal, there is a full staff ready to p
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204117

CRA204116, Dalmatia
Located by the water, this phenomenal villa overlooks the beautiful Adriatic. It is situated in a peaceful spot near the village of Sumartin. Selca, with its amenities, restaurants and shops, is a 5-minute drive away. The villa accommodates up to fourteen guests and features six large bedrooms
Sleeps 14 | View CRA204116

CRA204115, Dalmatia
Located near the village of Sumartin, this wonderful villa by the sea boasts comfort and luxury. It is constructed following modern standards in a peaceful spot. Selca is a five-minute drive away with its shops, architecture, cafes and bars. The villa accommodates up to ten guests and features
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204115

CRA204114, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa boasts luxury, style and comfort! Even though it is constructed following contemporary standards, it still preserves a sense of local tradition. Outdoors, guests can experience a true sense of the Mediterranean. A stone path that leads to two separate unites that constitut
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204114

CRA204113, Dalmatia
This stunning villa surrounded by cypress trees and gardens overlooks the beautiful Adriatic Sea. It is located just a short walk away from the old town of the historic city of Dubrovnik. The interior is stylishly furnished following contemporary standards and boasts luxury. Full privacy is pr
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204113

CRA204112, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa boasts luxury and comfort! It is located on a hillside by the sea near the town of Hvar. Stylishly furnished throughout, the interior is just as breathtaking as the view of the magnificent sea that the villa offers. At guests’ disposal, there is also a fitness room and a
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204112

CRA204111, Dalmatia
This phenomenal villa boasts luxury. Constructed following modern standards, the property offers majestic sea views. Full privacy is provided for guests. The town of Korcula, with its wonderful traditional delicacies, is a 5 munites drive away. The property features two astonishing units, bo
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204111

CRA204110, Dalmatia
This special villa is located on a hillside nearby the old town of Dubrovnik. It offers phenomenal views from the beautiful terraced gardens. Refined to match the newest standards, the villa is stylishly furnished throughout, but still preserves a sense of tradition. It includes ceiling painti
Sleeps 14 | View CRA204110

CRA204109, Dalmatia
This marvelous villa located in Hvar boasts comfort, luxury and mesmerizing sea views. It features five bedrooms, terraced gardens and a private swimming pool. Stylishly furnished throughout, the three-story property with a large balcony is ideal for a memorable holiday. Guests can enjoy tradi
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204109

CRA204108, Dalmatia
This wonderful large villa, constructed in a traditional and authentic style, is located within cliffs by the sea. Pines, palms and lemon trees surround the property. The interior is furnished with style with many rooms featuring a mesmerizing sea view. The beautiful terraces offer perfect plac
Sleeps 14 | View CRA204108

CRA204107, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa boasts luxury and offers six bedrooms, an infinity pool, a sauna and many more. This villa consists of three floors, each offering considerable space perfect for relaxation with large glass doors and magnificent sea views. The ground floor features German furniture, a profes
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204107

CRA204106, Dalmatia
This modern villa boasts pure luxury. Located on a waterfront, this wonderful property is just 10 minutes away from Dubrovnik, a remarkable city to visit. The luminous villa features contemporary furnishing filled with style and refinement. Evidence can be seen in the kitchen, living area, fur
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204106

CRA204105, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa is located in a peaceful, secluded area close to a forest. Just a short walk away, guests can visit the famous promenade Riva in Split. The villa accommodates 10 people and offers great luxury and comfort. It consists of three stories, each providing both large spaces and
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204105

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