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Large villas in UK, Portugal, Spain,
France, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece,
Italy, Malta and Gozo, Montenegro, Turkey & USA.

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Greece, Cyclades Islands, Naxos
From 5836.00
This stunning property, which Cosmic Villas is proud to provide, is situated at the end of a lovely terrace of three villas. It has five lovely bedrooms, a trendy, minimalist living area, and a lovely outside area with a pool. You can think about reserving our two-bedroom Villa Aithan next door
Sleeps 10 | View GR5336

Greece, Crete, Heraklion
From 5757.00
This gorgeous four-bedroom villa is offered by Cosmic Villas and boasts a wealth of modern and natural beauty. It is located in a beautiful setting. Up to eight guests can unwind in this magnificent island vacation home, which features inviting outdoor areas and amazing views. With sun loungers
Sleeps 8 | View GR5335

Greece, Crete, Chania
From 5719.00
You'll love the sleek and incredibly beautiful villa that Cosmic Villas is proud to present. It is situated on the alluring Greek island of Crete. As soon as you enter this beautiful property, perfect for the contemporary pleasure-seeker, you'll find it easy to slip into vacation mode. Of cours
Sleeps 8 | View GR5334

Greece, Cyclades Islands, Mykonos
From 5674.00
This villa provides the most discerning visitors with a trip to remember and enjoys a prominent, ideal location with the most breathtaking sea views. It features a gorgeous fusion of lovely Mykonian architecture and modern cool architecture. This stunning, modern, and refined property has four b
Sleeps 8 | View GR5333

From 5674.00
This gorgeous five-bedroom vacation property sleeps 10 people and is located among the azure blue waves and verdant olive orchards of Greece's Mani Peninsula. The gorgeous Rista Beach is reached through a little, peaceful route, and the area is teeming with sports like sea cave canoeing and kayaki
Sleeps 10 | View GR5332

Greece, Cyclades Islands, Mykonos
From 5320.00
This gorgeous home, which Cosmic Villas is pleased to present and which exudes both Mykonian and Cycladic beauty, is located in a prime location with views of Agios Ioannis Beach. You can get to the town amenities and this well-liked beach in only ten minutes by foot. Families or groups of frien
Sleeps 8 | View GR5331

From 5178.00
This five-bedroom luxury mansion, which Cosmic Villas is proud to present and is located in the Greek beach village of Kitries, is the perfect vacation for any occasion. It is a haven of peace and contemporary living, accommodating a total of eleven guests. Enjoy stunning views of the Messinian
Sleeps 10 | View GR5330

Greece, Cyclades Islands, Mykonos
From 4965.00
This stunning home, offered by Cosmic Villas, is only a short stroll from the lovely Ornos Beach and gives visitors a fantastic vacation in quaint, traditional settings with a wonderful modern edge. This magnificent villa features lovely living areas, three curved bathrooms, and four bedrooms. I
Sleeps 8 | View GR5329

Greece, Cyclades Islands, Naxos
From 4860.00
Cosmic Villas is proud to offer this stunning villa. Families and social groups adore it. It provides extravagant luxury, a very high level of attention to detail, and delightful relaxation while being set within gorgeously planted gardens. Four elegant bedrooms, four luxurious bathrooms, and st
Sleeps 8 | View GR5328

Greece, Mainland Greece, Pelion
From 4786.00
You'll be rhapsodic throughout your stay at this lovely bohemian villa from Cosmic Villas, which is situated on the verdant mountain side of the Pelion peninsula and offers breathtaking sea views of the Pagasitkos Gulf on the northern Greek Mediterranean Sea. Up to fifteen guests can stay in luxur
Sleeps 15 | View GR5327

Greece, Cyclades Islands, Mykonos
From 4242.00
Cosmic Villas is proud to provide this. Villa provides the most discriminating visitors with a fantastic fusion of modern cool and charming Mykonian architecture. This stunning, modern, and sophisticated home has four bedrooms, outstanding designer living areas, and a breathtaking terrace with b
Sleeps 8 | View GR5326

From 4135.00
Cosmic Villas is proud to provide this. The Paros island's south shore, which is surrounded by the turquoise waves of the Aegean Sea's Cyclades, is home to a very roomy property that steals the show. One hundred and ninety square meters in size, this two-story, ultra-luxury detached villa is set
Sleeps 12 | View GR5325

Greece, Crete, Lerapetra
From 4054.00
This property is perfectly situated on the south east coast of Crete in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea, with a back to nature vibe. Cosmic Villas is happy to present it to those looking for a vacation of calm seclusion and privacy. This truly gorgeous beachfront home is located in the exclus
Sleeps 14 | View GR5324

Greece, Ionian Islands, Lefkada
From 3888.00
Find your inner Zen while vacationing at an architect-designed private villa located on a mountaintop on the island of Lefkada, a gem in the Greek Ionian Sea, from Cosmic Villas. The villa skillfully combines the pinnacle of luxury with the best of nature and offers unobstructed views of historic
Sleeps 10 | View GR5323

Greece, Crete, Chania
From 3638.00
Cosmic Villas is proud to provide this. Just 12 kilometres from Chania Town and 9 km from the coast, the lovely property is tucked away in the tiny rural community of Alikianos. You arrive at the villa through the lush, verdant valley of the Keritis River to find this modern beauty tucked away in
Sleeps 14 | View GR5322

Greece, Crete, Chania
From 3522.00
This villa is a snapshot of modern cool, and Cosmic Villas is proud to offer it. It is elegant, bright, and superbly constructed to provide opulent lodging for eight visitors. It has two stories that are exquisitely furnished and is located above our Villa Quartz. This brand-new property is idea
Sleeps 8 | View GR5321

Greece, Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes
From 2652.00
On the east coast of the historic island of Rhodes, in the southern Mediterranean Sea, Cosmic Villas is pleased to offer this Vacation with a view. This contemporary property enjoys expansive sea views for as far as the eye can see and is situated on a hillside in the picturesque village of Archag
Sleeps 10 | View GR5320

Greece, Crete, Rethymno
From 5329.00
Cosmic Villas is proud to provide this. This peaceful villa is great for a family or group of four looking for their own private pool and is located in Rethymno in the south of the island of Crete. However, it can also be hired as a whole complex that sleeps 12 people. This excellent arrangement
Sleeps 12 | View GR5319

Greece, Ionian Islands, Kefalonia
From 2101.00
This villa, located on the south west coast of the alluring island of Kefalonia in the Ionian Sea, is proudly offered by Cosmic Villas. It is single floor, open plan, bright and airy, and perfect for holiday living. This four bedroom villa, which is situated in the rural area of the historic ham
Sleeps 8 | View GR5318

Greece, Mainland Greece, Athens
From 1588.00
Cosmic Villas is proud to offer this villa, located in the upscale Chamolia neighborhood, on the eastern Attica coast of the Greek mainland, on the Aegean Sea. When you stay here, you'll enter the era of luxury. This classic detached property is located just 20 minutes from Athens' international
Sleeps 10 | View GR5317

Greece, Ionian Islands, Zakynthos
From 1462.00
The villa is almost in the centre of Zakynthos, surrounded by olive groves, wineries, and stunning countryside in a traditional village. It is a very peaceful location where you will feel far away from everything. This rural setting is very relaxing, but you can be in the busy tourist areas in
Sleeps 0 | View GR5235

Greece, Mainland Greece, Pelion
From 2450.00
Look no further than Villa for large families and groups seeking relaxation and exclusivity during their stay in Greece! This four-bedroom masterpiece can sleep a whopping nine people and has stunning views of the coast and sea! The villa has minimalistic settings with exposed wood and stone
Sleeps 0 | View GR5234

Greece, Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes
From 1282.00
Villa is located near the centre of Lalyssos and Filerimos Park, about halfway between Rhodes Town and its international airport. This stunning 4-bedroom villa has everything you could want in an island vacation home, including an outdoor pool and a private garden. From the spacious lawn area
Sleeps 8 | View GR5233

Greece, Crete, Chania
From 4236.00
Villa is the ideal blend of authenticity and luxury, located just steps away from perfect white sand and crystal-clear waters. The villa, nestled among olive groves on five acres of private land, offers breath-taking views and an outdoor seating area that must be seen to be believed.
Sleeps 10 | View GR5232

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