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Large villas in UK, Portugal, Spain,
France, Cyprus, Denmark, Croatia, Greece,
Italy, Malta, Germany, Montenegro, Turkey & USA.

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PTA216228, Lisbon Coast
This property is a marvelous one set into the landscape of Cascais, a region close to Lisbon. This lovely property is able to house 9 people and has an installed lift which can be of great help to both disabled people and the elderly. With a fully equipped kitchen, a spacious living room, four b
Sleeps 9 | View PTA216228

PTA216249, Lisbon Coast
This property is a high-end villa for up to 14 people in Cascais with views of the ocean. This amazing holiday villa showcases an interior with large and ample areas furnished with modern and sophisticated amenities. On the exterior guests can find a massive heated swimming pool (12m x 5m), comfor
Sleeps 14 | View PTA216249

PTA216246, Lisbon Coast
This property is a beautiful villa for 14 persons, near to the Fonte da Telha beach. The property offers a handful of commodities set to deliver a memorable vacation. 6 spacious bedrooms, private heated and fenced swimming pool (12m x 5m), an outdoor eating area, a barbecue and pizza oven, table
Sleeps 14 | View PTA216246

PTA216245, Algarve
This property is a beautiful accommodatio in the incredibly beautiful Lagos region of the Algarve. The two storey property accommodates 10 people includin 2 extra beds, making it ideal for families or large groups travelling together. 4 bedrooms, a spacious and equipped kitchen, and an open plan
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216245

PTA216244, Lisbon Coast
A beautiful property designed for 10 people in Troia. The villa boasts 5 bedrooms, a private pool (12m x 5m), an outside seating and dining area, a BBQ and a huge garden, perfect for children or adults. Located in the upper part of the peninsula, this part of the country is incredibly well preser
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216244

PTA216236, Lisbon Coast
This villa is truly outstanding. With a total capacity of 12 guests (including 2 extra beds) and set within a quiet village outside of the capital, the look and feel of this property is truly one of a kind. Fully equipped with a games room, home cinema, dining room, as well as much more, the vill
Sleeps 12 | View PTA216236

PTA216242, Lisbon Coast
This amazing contemporary villa is built in the beautiful Troia area. Fully air conditioned, this villa sleeps 10 including 2 extra beds. Perfect for large group getaways to the Portuguese sun. With a private pool (8m x 5m), an outdoor dining area, a BBQ and a large garden, this is a fantastic
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216242

PTA216239, Algarve
This villa provides a fantastic holiday for up to 8 people in the Vilamoura region. The property has 2-storeys, a wide range of outdoor facilities such as a garden, BBQ and dining area, as well as private parking. The location is truly second to none, with golf courses, tennis courts, amusement
Sleeps 8 | View PTA216239

PTA216232, Lisbon Coast
This charming villa has a brilliant heart, set into the outskirts of Lisbon. Spread over two storeys, accommodates up to a maximum of 9 people and offers everything you might need for your holiday. The living room is done with a Portuguese tiling style and has a retro feel at its core. Large wi
Sleeps 9 | View PTA216232

PTA216231, Algarve
This recently renovated Algarvian villa is built in the local style and is a short distance from the famous Albufeira. Atop a hill and surrounded by fruit trees, the 10 person property is fully equipped with a modern kitchen, dining, and living area. The beautiful landscape can be seen from the p
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216231

PTA216230, Lisbon Coast
This villa is built in the traditional Portuguese style and is located in the Quinta do Peru Golf Resort, south of Lisbon. On the inside this property has four large bedrooms and an ideal kitchen / living room combo in an open plan style. The property is furnished in bright colours and makes full
Sleeps 9 | View PTA216230

PTA216229, Lisbon Coast
A beautiful 10 person villa in a premium yet quiet location in Cascais. The property sits in close proximity to the legendary Quinta da Marinha resort. With a private swimming pool, a garden BBQ, and five cozy bedrooms there is a lot on offer with this property. The Cascais marina is in close p
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216229

PTA216226, Algarve
This beautiful 14 person villa is a true jewel of the Vilamoura region. A three-storey property, with seven large bedrooms and a huge garden, this property can provide the ideal backdrop to a large group getaway to the beautiful Portuguese sun. Close by the villa there are a number of points of i
Sleeps 14 | View PTA216226

PTA216225, Lisbon Coast
Cozy and comfortable Portuguese-style property which can accommodate up to 8 guests. Located immediately south of Lisbon, this fantastic house offers all the amenities that you might want or need. A 50m2 swimming pool can help you to unwind and keep cool during the sunny Portuguese afternoon, and
Sleeps 8 | View PTA216225

PTA216224, Lisbon Coast
This lovely modern villa is built in the popular destination of Tróia. With 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, this property can accommodate up to 8 people and is certain to give you a time to remember. Spread over two floors, the villa boasts a lot of open space, with a dining room and living room al
Sleeps 8 | View PTA216224

PTA216223, Lisbon Coast
A beautiful 12-person villa with gorgeous views of the ocean. The property is set in a very relaxed area in Sintra National Park, which is an internationally recognised area. The gorgeous Praia Grande beach is only a stones throw from your front door, and with it comes the amazing local cuisine.
Sleeps 12 | View PTA216223

PTA216222, Central Portugal
A brilliant and gorgeous contemporary villa based in a beautiful part of the Portuguese countryside. Far from the bustling coastline, this property serves as an ideal getaway for a group who enjoy sightseeing, peace and tranquility. The property has Wi-Fi, air conditioning and a private swimming
Sleeps 8 | View PTA216222

PTA216221, Lisbon Coast
This 12 person beach villa is guaranteed to provide memories for your friends and family for years to come. A five bedroom property, this luxurious space offers a gym, pool, football and ping pong tables to pass the hours and help you have fun and relax. The 10m x 5 m swimming pool or the large
Sleeps 12 | View PTA216221

PTA216220, Lisbon Coast
This large villa is perfect for groups of up to 18 people, whether friends, family, or both. With air-conditioning, a private saltwater swimming pool, and a beautiful beach only a short trip away there is absolutely everything you need to be comfortable in the residential suburbs of Lisbon. The p
Sleeps 18 | View PTA216220

PTA216219, Lisbon Coast
A beautiful contemporary villa in Aroeira Golf Resort. The 3 storey property accommodates 8 persons and is stylishly furnished throughout. 4 spacious suites, a large living and dining area with 100 m2, 4 bicycles, table tennis and table football are at guests disposal. On the exterior, an enor
Sleeps 8 | View PTA216219

PTA216213, Lisbon Coast
This wonderful villa located in Sintra Natural Park accommodates 16 people. It is located in a peaceful neighborhood. Constructed in typical Portuguese fashion, the villa features 8 large bedrooms, 2 living rooms, a private swimming pool, an outdoor dining area and barbeque. Around the villa,
Sleeps 16 | View PTA216213

PTA216212, Lisbon Coast
Within the premises of the Aroeira Golfing Resort, this stunning, two-storey, vacationing residence can be found. With an impressive housing capacity of up to 10 people, this home is perfect for large families or large groups of friends vacationing together. The centrepiece of the villa are its
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216212

PTA216211, Lisbon Coast
Sitated in one of Lisbon’s highest-rated holiday locations of Cascais is this impeccable residence. Accommodation for up to 9 people is assured with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms split across 2 floors, the interior is vast and air-conditioned throughout. A highlight of the residence is its dining
Sleeps 9 | View PTA216211

PTA216210, Lisbon Coast
Located in Lisbon’s tranquil suburbs is this scenic seaside villa. This single-storey, beachfront house covers only the basic necessities, but is positioned just 1.2 km away from the beach and is spacious enough to house up to 6 + 4 guests. With a mixture of homely and contemporary interior de
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216210

PTA216206, Lisbon Coast
Situated in the peaceful area around Sinitra Natural Park, this wonderful location provides lodging for up to 10 guests and is a prime spot for those looking to get the most out of rest and relaxation in a peaceful environment! The private swimming pool (dimensions 6 x 4 m), the 4 bedrooms, rustic
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216206

PTA216205, Lisbon Coast
Assembled atop a plot of 1550 m2, this pleasant villa can be found in Marisol housing district. A lovely, one-storey sabbatical location, it is more than spacious. lodging for up to 9 people and is perfect for vacationing families! A lovely, one-storey sabbatical location, it is more than spaci
Sleeps 9 | View PTA216205

PTA216204, Lisbon Coast
Stationed in the centre of Lisbon’s most well-known area, Cascais, this striking, 3-storey property may lodge up to 12 guests at once and boasts various domains and state-of-the-art utilities for rest and relaxation! For those looking to have fun, there is a heated swimming pool within the villa
Sleeps 12 | View PTA216204

PTA216203, Lisbon Coast
This enchanting villa lies situated in the area of the Aroeira Golf Resort. With acommodation for up to 10 people, this gorgeous property is the ideal place for volumnous groups vacationing together, such as large families or assemblies of friends. Packed with 5 capacious bedrooms, an expansive
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216203

PTA216202, Algarve
This delightful villa is located between Carvoeiro and Albufeira and accommodates 20 people. The area surrounding it is quiet and peaceful. The villa features 9 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms. There is also a large spacious living room with a fireplace, pool table and a balcony with table tennis. Ou
Sleeps 20 | View PTA216202

PTA216201, Lisbon Coast
This wonderful villa is located in Aroeira Golf Resort and accommodates 10 people. The villa features a fully equipped kitchen, an open space living and dining room, 4 large bedrooms, a large mezzanine where 2 people can sleep. Outdoors, guests can enjoy their holiday in a private swimming pool,
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216201

PTA216199, Lisbon Coast
This delightful modern villa accommodates 8 people. Ample areas in combination with contemporary amenities guarantee guests a wonderful holiday full of comfort. The villa features 3 large bedrooms, a private swimming pool, table tennis, a garden, barbeque and an outdoor dining area ideal for gat
Sleeps 8 | View PTA216199

PTA216197, Lisbon Coast
This delightful villa accommodates 13 adults and 2 children (or 12 adults and 4 children) and is located in Sintra Natural Park. The neighborhood surrounding the villa is quite peaceful. Both adults and children will find all the necessary commodities on this property. The villa features a lar
Sleeps 16 | View PTA216197

PTA216196, Lisbon Coast
This amazing beachfront villa accommodates 26 people. It is located in the inner part of the Tróia peninsula. The villa features a modern kitchen, a large open space living and dining room and 9 large bedrooms among other features. Everything necessary for a wonderful holiday is there. The
Sleeps 26 | View PTA216196

PTA216195, Lisbon Coast
This delightful villa is located in Tróia and accommodates 10 people. The 1-story villa features 5 large bedrooms, a private swimming pool, a large garden, masonry barbeque, an outdoor dining area and a fantastic lake view. Within 5 km, guests will find a golf course, tennis courts, spa, a play
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216195

PTA216194, Lisbon Coast
This wonderful villa is located in Lagoa de Albufeira and it accommodates 10 people. The villa features a fully equipped kitchen, 5 large bedrooms, a private swimming pool, a garden, barbeque and an outdoor dining area. Guests also have a football table, a dartboard and 3 bicycles available. L
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216194

PTA216193, Lisbon Coast
This contemporary villa offers air conditioning in all of its provided bedrooms, as well as the living room, in addition to being modernly furnished and offering comfortable accommodation for up to 10 people at a time. It features 5 bedrooms and a large open-space living room and dining room, as w
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216193

PTA216191, Algarve
This wonderful villa built in the Agrarian style is located in the lovely area of Algarve,Vilamoura, with a capacity of 8 adults and 2 children, an interior painted so as to give off a bright and fresh feel with vivid colours, as well as an exterior with a private swimming pool spanning 10m x 5m, a
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216191

PTA216190, Alentejo
Nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean tree forest and located just 5km away from Elvas, UNESCO World Heritage city centre, this luxury villa shows off its Italian origin and heritage with exclusive, luxurious accommodation in which the guests can enjoy breathtaking views in the Alentejo countrys
Sleeps 12 | View PTA216190

PTA216189, Lisbon Coast
This beautiful 12-person property is located in a residential area and is ideal for large travelling groups such as families or friends enjoying a group holiday together. With its 5 bedrooms, a private swimming pool spanning 8m x 4m, an outdoor dining area with a spacious dining table and barbecue
Sleeps 16 | View PTA216189

PTA216188, Lisbon Coast
This beautiful 12-person property is located in a residential area and is ideal for large travelling groups such as families or friends enjoying a group holiday together. With its 5 bedrooms, a private swimming pool spanning 8m x 4m, an outdoor dining area with a spacious dining table and barbecue
Sleeps 12 | View PTA216188

PTA216187, Lisbon Coast
This luxury villa is located a mere 500 metres away from the Troia beach, and the stunning property gives its guests all they could possibly wish for to have an amazing holiday experience. The interior is decorated in a way that makes the guests feel refreshed and bright, yet also sophisticated, wh
Sleeps 8 | View PTA216187

PTA216186, Lisbon Coast
This traditional Portuguese villa is located in a quiet residential area of Belverde, accommodating its guests with 4 large, recently-renovated bedrooms that have hardwood floors and light wallpaper. In addition to these, the villa also offers a fully-equipped kitchen to meet every guest’s needs
Sleeps 8 | View PTA216186

PTA216185, Lisbon Coast
This spacious villa located in the Aroeira Golf Resort is perfect for families looking for a place to spend an unforgettable vacation together, with 4 large bedrooms, a large living room with a library and fireplace, a private 8m x 5m swimming pool and 1200 sqm garden, this villa provides an enterta
Sleeps 8 | View PTA216185

PTA216184, Lisbon Greater
This unique villa is actually a windmill converted into a wonderful holiday home with the windmill itself located in the very centre of the property, surrounded by 6 individually-accessed suites. A comfortable and relaxing vacation is what this villa offers its guests, thanks to the elegant, moder
Sleeps 15 | View PTA216184

PTA216182, Lisbon Coast
This typical Portugese villa is located in the quiet village of Sesimbra, far from the loud hustle and bustle of the cities. This 2-storey property allows its guests to enjoy a little peace and quiet while also being in a modern interior with open, comfortable areas. With a fully-equipped kitche
Sleeps 9 | View PTA216182

PTA216181, Lisbon Coast
Located in the countryside of Portugal a mere 40km from Lisbon, 9km from Sesimbra and in close proximity to Aldeia do Meco with its famous cafés, restaurants and the Meco beach, this 10 person villa offers its guests a private swimming pool, a large garden, an outside dining area with a masonry cha
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216181

PTA216180, Algarve
This spacious 10 person villa in Villamoura offers its guests 5 bedrooms, a private swimming pool spanning 9m x 4m, as well as a large garden, an outdoor dining area with a barbecue, private parking spots, all coupling together into a place perfect for a holiday getaway free of stress. Its strateg
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216180

PTA216179, Algarve
This stunning 12 person villa in the Algarve region is within walking distance from the beautiful beach, therefore giving its guests a wonderful holiday home experience with modern, up-to-date amenities and an open-plan kitchen, living room and dining room, as well as 5 spacious, vivid bedrooms that
Sleeps 12 | View PTA216179

PTA216177, Algarve
This beautiful beachfront villa in a quaint, quiet area on the outskirts of Lisbon is a sophisticated and bright 2-storey residence. The kitchen is equipped with modern appliances and furnishings, and it leads into a spacious living and dining area with a marvelous view of the seaside. It also o
Sleeps 8 | View PTA216177

PTA216175, Lisbon Coast
This beautifully modern Villa is located amongst picture-perfect scenery, in a quaint neighbourhood around 10 minutes away from Cascais, and along with its mesmerizing sights it also accommodates up to 10 people (8+2 combination). The open-concept interior space offers its guests a kitchen, living
Sleeps 10 | View PTA216175

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