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Large villas in UK, Portugal, Spain,
France, Cyprus, Denmark, Croatia, Greece,
Italy, Malta, Germany, Montenegro, Turkey & USA.

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CRA204155, Dalmatia
The magnificent villa located in Okrug Gornji, Croatia has six bedrooms with a breath-taking view of the seathat can accommodate up to 11 guests. Outside of the villa there's a private swimming pool with a shower and jacuzzi by its side, as well asbunch of cozy outdoor furniture. Moreover, for lov
Sleeps 11 | View CRA204155

CRA204241, Dalmatia
Located on the gorgeous island of Pag, this beautiful villa with its 6 stunning bedrooms can accommodate up to 12 people. It is perfect for those who seek tranquility and peace in their vacation since it is secluded from the other popular destinations. With stunning views over the beautiful blue A
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204241

CRA204320, Dalmatia
This wonderful, homely villa on the wonderful island of Hvar is the perfect place for you to enjoy breathtaking natural surroundings and the mesmerizing view of the azure Adriatic sea. This four-bedroom villa promises you the relaxation and privacy you were craving for. It can accommodate up to te
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204320

CRA204319, Dalmatia
This marvellous villa provides you with the comfort and relaxation you’ve been craving for. It is a mixture of traditional architecture and modern design, which offers you the most breathtaking views of the blue azure of the Adriatic sea, making it a true gem. With its four bedrooms, it can acco
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204319

CRA204318, Dalmatia
Located on the island of Hvar, this gorgeous villa provides you with mesmerizing views of the Adriatic sea, as well as the luxury of privacy and the relaxation of your dreams. It consists of four bedrooms which can accommodate up to ten people.
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204318

CRA204310, Dalmatia
This gorgeous villa is the perfect place to visit if you enjoy walking through nature, exploring towns, peculiar streets and lively restaurants, as well as swimming in the crystal clear water of the Adriatic. This lovely villa contains four bedrooms which can accommodate up to eight guests, making
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204310

CRA204309, Dalmatia
This stunning villa lays just metres away from the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic, right in the centre of the Stanići village. It has a contemporary and stylish design and can accommodate up to 10 people in five different rooms. By offering you the utmost comfort, luxury, and the most be
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204309

CRA204308, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa, located near Primošten, is beautiful and stylish from inside and out. It offers you breathtaking views of the mesmerizing Adriatic sea, as well as the local natural surrounding. It can accommodate up to 8 guests, making them feel right at home with its warm walls and comfo
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204308

CRA204307, Dalmatia
This wonderful villa is located only 20m away from the crystal clear azure of the Adriatic sea. The villa is very modern and spacious, it has three apartments on three separate floors. It can accommodate up to 12 guests, making it the ideal location for a larger group which still wishes to have so
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204307

CRA204306, Dalmatia
This lovely villa, located near Omis, promises you breathtaking views of the Adriatic, refreshing natural surroundings, and the utmost comfort and luxury during your stay. The wonderful azure of the sea can be seen through every window, allowing you to experience the beautiful landscape from the c
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204306

CRA204305, Istria
In this amazing, modern villa you will experience the most breathtaking views, the most wonderful garden, as well as your very own infinity pool. The amazing terrace views of the garden and surrounding countryside are all you will need for a truly luxurious and relaxing experience.
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204305

CRA204304, Istria
This beautiful villa is surrounded by lush greenery, colorful flowers and many palm trees, giving this place a real tropical, Mediterranean vibe. It has a large swimming pool which glows in a wondrous luminescent green colour in the evenings, making it a unique place for the whole family to enjoy
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204304

CRA204302, Istria
This marvellous villa, surrounded by lush greenery, offers you a paradise which boasts of elegant and luxurious Italian influence. You could feel it as soon as you step inside, the dark wooden furniture, the brick walls, the coziness, the homeliness, the unique touches like the grandfather clock.
Sleeps 14 | View CRA204302

CRA204301, Istria
This stylish new villa is located on the breathtaking Istrian coast. With four double bedrooms, it can accommodate up to 8 guests. Enjoy the stunning landscapes from the comfort of your very own large private pool.
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204301

CRA204300, Istria
This villa is a tranquil paradise located 10km from the breathtaking coastline of the Adriatic sea. This villa offers you a private heated pool, a wonderful garden, and incredible wellness facilities and much more. This villa consists of two accommodation units connected by stairs, so it is perf
Sleeps 15 | View CRA204300

CRA204299, Dalmatia
This beautiful, modern villa is located in the wonderful port town of Makarska, right at the foot of the Biokovo mountain. This 4-bedroom villa can accommodate up to 8 guests, making it the ideal place for a lovely family holiday, multiple couples, or larger groups of friends who wish to enjoy th
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204299

CRA204298, Dalmatia
This beautiful villa offers majestic views of Kastela Bay, crystal clear water and is the ideal location for exploring Croatian National Parks. This 6-bedroom villa is ideal for larger groups or families who wish to spend some relaxing and interesting time together. This is a spacious and modern
Sleeps 16 | View CRA204298

CRA204297, Dalmatia
This chiq villa, located close to Primošten, offers you the beautiful views of the Adriatic, as well as easy access to local amenities. This wonderful property can accommodate up to 8 guests, and it features a lovely terrace with an amazing swimming pool, and so much more.
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204297

CRA204296, Dalmatia
This marvellous 6-bedroom villa is located in the charming rural village known as Gruda. With an abundance of lush greenery, it gives off a lovely Mediterranean vibe, perfect for a relaxing family holiday.
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204296

CRA204295, Dalmatia
This exquisite, stylish villa is located on a slope, right above a small coastal town. This wonderful villa has a very special architectural design, and offers breathtaking views of the Adriatic sea which can be seen from the entire villa. This 4-bedroom villa can accommodate up to 9 guests.
Sleeps 9 | View CRA204295

CRA204294, Dalmatia
Located on the heavenly Island Drvenik Mali, this villa is a perfect island getaway for those who wish to find peace and quiet in a Mediterranean surrounding. It is merely 300m away from the crystal watersof the Adriatic sea. This villa is a wonderful mix of tradition and modernity, with three w
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204294

CRA204293, Dalmatia
This stunning villa is located on the beautiful Omiš Riviera, only a half-an-hour-drive from the wonderful city of Split, Croatia’s second largest city. This place is famous for its charming sandy beaches and crystal clear water. The exquisite furnishings, modern facilities and glorious vistas
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204293

CRA204292, Dalmatia
This modern villa simply exudes style and elegance. It is located in the coastal village of Mimice, just a couple of hundred metres away from the Adriatic sea, which you can see from almost any room. It can accommodate up to eight guests, and it includes an outdoor pool, surrounded by a wide sun
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204292

CRA204291, Dalmatia
This marvellous villa is located just 2.5km from the city of Omiš, and 250m from the lovely beach in Duće. It offers you a wonderful view of the sea, four luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms, private pools, a deluxe sauna and many more. It is an ideal place for groups of up to ten people.
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204291

CRA204290, Dalmatia
You’ll be hard pressed to find a better view than the one this villa offers as you dine outside and the picturesque beauty of Makarska is just beside you! The Zen-like atmosphere provided by the garden will bring you to inner peace and tranquillity as you rest up on a vacation unlike any other!
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204290

CRA204289, Dalmatia
The opulent design of this villa is emphasized by the natural beauty of the nearby garden, mountain range and the always-full-of-life town of Split! The villa is perfectly placed above the city, so the moment you step onto the terrace you’ll be greeted by a view that will make you feel like you
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204289

CRA204288, Dalmatia
This gorgeous property has an intense level of prestige that comes from its Roman-like design! If you ever wondered how an emperor felt when he went on vacation, then this is the location for you! And, it really doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. The first thing you’ll be greeted by is the
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204288

CRA204287, Dalmatia
A spectacular view of the waterfront from the deck of this stylish villa is but one of many snippets into the beauty of the south coast of Croatia! The nearby town is also at your feet; even closer to you is the absolutely amazing private swimming pool and Jacuzzi. If you’re looking to cool off
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204287

CRA204285, Dalmatia
If you’re looking for the perfect spot with the beach nearby so that you can go for an early morning dip in the Adriatic and then rush back, cook up a wonderful meal to enjoy on the exterior dining room as the sun engulfs the Riviera, then look no further than this exquisite villa! This property
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204285

CRA204284, Dalmatia
Located just 120 meters away from the nearest beach, this majestic villa towers over the countryside! With a capacity for up to 12 people, being kid-friendly as well, this is the best location to bring our family on a long-overdue summer vacation! The stunningly designed exterior, with its large p
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204284

CRA204283, Dalmatia
With an astonishing amount of flora and fauna to see, this villa is a photographer’s dream! Bring along your favorite camera to take photos of the many species of plants and birds, or take incredible panoramas of the nearby river Krka! When you’re done exploring you can simply jump into the ri
Sleeps 22 | View CRA204283

CRA204282, Dalmatia
This cosy and lovely decorated villa sits on a prime location, with a beach within walking distance! That is just one of the many advantages that come with renting out this location! The villa itself is stunning, with four bedrooms that were designed for maximum comfort and privacy, and you have a
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204282

CRA204281, Istria
There are not many places in Croatia that can match the beauty of Istria, and with a location like that in mind, you’ll need to find a vacation home to match! Look no further than this spectacular summer home, which comes with a fully equipped kitchen, which is a delight to use, and numerous appl
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204281

CRA204280, Dalmatia
The incredible villa near the Croatian coast is an absolutely stunning house, standing proudly on an island! Just imagine having a five-bedroom castle surrounded by beautiful flora, beaches and you will find yourself in this property, which is fit for a Roman aristocrat. The property comes with it
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204280

CRA204279, Istria
For those looking for the absolute finest and fanciest, look no further than this absolute beauty of this villa! Spacious, with its own private pool, numerous amenities to keep you entertained and wowed at the same time, there are truly only a few properties that can match the splendour of this vil
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204279

CRA204278, Istria
With an exterior that is simply majestic, and the numerous amenities inside, this is a vacationing home fit for everyone! Every aspect of the house, inside and out, projects a sense of class and style that not many other locations can offer. The design and comfort of the interior is emphasized b
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204278

CRA204277, Dalmatia
The town of Split lies just a short drive from this sleek and spacious villa, which has ample lodging for up to 12 guests! Finely decorated and equipped to the highest standard imaginable, with a basketball court, large private pool and a playground for your children, 6 bedrooms, the villa comes wi
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204277

CRA204276, Istria
Near the coastal town of Opatija is this excellent choice for holiday vacation! The beach is but a few minutes away from the house, the towns of Rijeka and Krk are also within driving distance and the pleasant views are the perfect backdrop for road trips! The house comes with four bedrooms, sprea
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204276

CRA204275, Dalmatia
Located on the beautiful and peaceful island of Hvar and only a walk away from the famous beaches is this wonderful villa, a perfect place for family and friends to begin the vacation of their dreams! With a complex of three,cosy, stone houses and with a private swimming pool at its centre, this lo
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204275

CRA204274, Dalmatia
With the sandy beach and rustic town of Duce providing the perfect vacation spot, this villa comes with numerous amenities to keep you entertained, cozy and satisfied! The beach is just a short walk away from the property, there is a harbor for jet skiing nearby, a private pool to take a dip in an
Sleeps 9 | View CRA204274

CRA204273, Kvarner
This villa comes in a pacjage that seemingly has it all; It’s close to the centre and beach, the outdoor space is expertly designed and, at a first glance might look simple, but as soon as you lie back on a sun lounger or dip into the private pool, you’ll find that there is a true art form in
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204273

CRA204272, Istria
Built from the ground up to resemble an authentic counntry-side home, with salmon colored stones, this villa is as rustic on the outside as it is stylish and modern on the inside! Owing to its rural charm, there is also a vast area of land to see and explore, while the house -exterior boasts just
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204272

CRA204271, Istria
This brand-new villa offers a perfect balance between luxury and comfort! The property boasts a contemporary design and space for up to 8 lucky guests to have the perfect vacation. The beach is just a short walk away, and the view from the property is panoramic and enticing! One of the finest p
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204271

CRA204270, Dalmatia
There are few places as beautiful as Makarska, with its mountains and clear view of the Adriatic sea, and this villa provides a luxurious lodging that promises an unforgettable stay! The unforgettable view of the riviera draws you in as soon as you step onto the terrace, where you can sit back in y
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204270

CRA204269, Dalmatia
Located on the beautiful island of Hvar, near the village of Pitve, surrounded by mountains and secluded from the world is this magnificent villa! With space for up to 10 people, this is the location to make unforgettable memories and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! The villa itself has a priva
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204269

CRA204268, Dalmatia
If you’re looking for a spot that has a little bit of everything, and it’s all within reach, then this is the villa for you! The location is nothing short of perfect, the view from the infinity-style pool is just as good. With room for up to 12 guests, the villa is kid-friendly, you’ll be spe
Sleeps 12 | View CRA204268

CRA204267, Dalmatia
Have you every wanted to enjoy the pristine wonders of the Mediterranean climate? If so, then this majestic villa is the perfect vacation spot for you! “Entertainment and Camaraderie” are the two words best used to describe what this little spot of Heaven has to offer! Your bonds with your fri
Sleeps 9 | View CRA204267

CRA204265, Dalmatia
If you’re looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and have the vacation of your dreams, then this casa is for you! With an emphasis on peace and quiet, this is the perfect place to have your family holiday for the summer! The playground will keep your kids entertained for hours on en
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204265

CRA204264, Dalmatia
A superb villa located just a walk away from the clear waters of the Adriatic, the town of Jelsa also nearby, this spot is for those looking to have the highest form of comfort! The gardens and terraces provide shade all summer long! The gazebo is perfect for lounging about, the terrace even comes
Sleeps 8 | View CRA204264

CRA204263, Dalmatia
This villa strikes a perfect balance with its elegance and is luxurious both inside and out! Style is its main feature, the design and furniture give off a feeling that this will be the perfect place for an unforgettable experience for you and your cherished ones! The open design that leads to the
Sleeps 10 | View CRA204263

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