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Large villas in UK, Portugal, Spain,
France, Cyprus, Croatia, Greece,
Italy, Malta and Gozo, Montenegro, Turkey & USA.

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Italy, Southern Italy, Sicily
From 2949.00
Nothing compares to strolling through Ragusa's winding streets, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is stunning, featuring lovely Baroque structures that predominantly date from 1693 when the town was rebuilt after being destroyed by an earthquake. The peak will be worth the hike as you scramble up
Sleeps 11 | View IT5027

Italy, Central Italy, Tuscany
From 6203.00
This carefully renovated nineteenth-century home is finished in local stone and is surrounded by rolling hills, olive groves, swaying poplar trees, and oak trees. Cosmic Villas is pleased to present it. This home, surrounded by over five acres of land and brimming with rustic charm and traditiona
Sleeps 12 | View IT5026

Italy, Central Italy, Le Marche
From 5297.00
A dream come true for culinary and environment lovers, Cosmic Villas is proud to showcase this impressively vast and well-established property in the heart of the Le Marche countryside. The villa is perched on an organic farm, encircled by winding vineyards, and is entirely silent. Around the pro
Sleeps 14 | View IT5023

Italy, Southern Italy, Puglia
From 2287.00
This home away from home in the middle of a charming town is proudly offered by Cosmic Villas. It is ideal for a large party wishing to travel while still having some alone time. With a twist, this property is a haven for retreat. It contains five different rooms, each of which opens to the lovel
Sleeps 10 | View IT5022

From 3170.00
This magnificent home is pleasantly perched on a beautiful hillside not far from Recco village on the Ligurian coast, and Cosmic Villas is proud to present it. The charming and hospitable ambience of this rustic villa can be experienced in its exquisitely furnished rooms. Traditional elements
Sleeps 8 | View IT5021

From 4025.00
The eco-modern luxury property that Cosmic Villas is proud to present was recently constructed. It makes the most of its ideal vantage point, overlooking Lake Garda through full-length windows that allow the stunning vistas to fill every space. Ten guests can stay in the five-bedroom villa, divid
Sleeps 10 | View IT5020

Italy, Central Italy, Tuscany
From 4502.00
This lovely home in the heart of the Val d'Orcia, with sweeping views of its recognisable green hills and rolling farmland, is proudly offered by Cosmic Villas. Since the early 18th century, this mediaeval home has been a distinctive element of the 150 hectares of farmland it occupies. The hou
Sleeps 12 | View IT5018

Italy, Southern Italy, Sicily
From 2110.00
This stunning home is set in southeast Sicily and is only a short distance from the beach, and Cosmic Villas is proud to present it. Make recollections with loved ones while enjoying outside meals, chit-chatting beneath the patio, or taking in the sunset. This villa is perfect for a summer bre
Sleeps 8 | View IT5017

Italy, Central Italy, Tuscany
From 4946.00
Cosmic Villas is proud to offer this lovely residence in a 5,000 square metre park with sweeping views of the surrounding countryside just outside the historic village of Cetona. This lavish home in Tuscany is the perfect getaway for a big group vacation. This thoughtfully refurbished farmhous
Sleeps 20 | View IT5016

Italy, Central Italy, Tuscany
From 3886.00
This villa in Tuscany will delight you and your entire family, and Cosmic Villas is thrilled to present it. With eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms, the property consists of a sizable farmhouse and a cottage that can house the entire family while on vacation. The villa, located in Tuscany's northe
Sleeps 19 | View IT5015

Italy, Southern Italy, Puglia
From 2133.00
This villa, a delightful 5-bedroom home, is surrounded by fragrant lavender and orange groves in lush Puglian countryside. With nearby villages, historic towns, and plenty of beaches, this is an excellent base for your vacation. This large villa is a period structure with vaulted ceilings, local
Sleeps 10 | View IT5451

Italy, Southern Italy, Sicily
From 2286.00
The villa is located in the heart of Sicily, a well-known Italian island known for its Baroque architecture, delicious cuisine, and stunning scenery that combines countryside, rocky shores, and Mount Etna's majestic peaks. The villa, which is nestled between the villages of Noto and Palazzolo Acr
Sleeps 12 | View IT5450

Italy, Southern Italy, Sicily
From 14518.00
The villa is a modern structure with sweeping views of Mount Etna and the Ionian Sea. If you want to visit beaches, historical towns, and enjoy the natural beauty of Sicily, this is the place to stay for a memorable vacation with friends or family. This charming residence was constructed in t
Sleeps 14 | View IT5449

From 16938.00
In the province of Salerno, south-west Italy, the villa is a traditional stone farmhouse surrounded by orchards, forests, and olive groves. This is an ideal base for a holiday with friends or family, as it is rurally located but close to the town of Pollica, the hamlet of Acciaroli, and some of
Sleeps 15 | View IT5448

Italy, Central Italy, Tuscany
From 9679.00
Look no further than this villa for a one-of-a-kind and charming home for your Tuscan vacation. This Renaissance house with its extensive grounds is a wonderful setting for a special trip with family or a group of friends, sleeping 16 guests across the main home and the annexe, with the option o
Sleeps 23 | View IT5447

Italy, Central Italy, Tuscany
From 12503.00
Villa is a luxury country villa nestled in the beautiful Val d'Orcia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the heart of central Italy, away from the crowds. The sprawling resort is surrounded by rolling plains and provides a truly harmonious stay for those looking to restore peace and harmony in thei
Sleeps 24 | View IT5446

Italy, Central Italy, Tuscany
From 10772.00
Villa Balena, with its opulent features and majestic architecture, evokes a historic element and provides a beautiful residence for guests seeking to forget the stresses and strains of everyday life. The imposing house is located in the heart of Viareggio, a resort city with a sandy beach, summe
Sleeps 19 | View IT5445

Italy, Central Italy, Chianti
From 8752.00
The villa is ideal for a vacation with a large family or a group of friends. This newly built villa with sea views will be difficult to beat, sleeping 12 people in luxurious en-suite bedrooms. This elegant white-washed villa is a short distance from the glistening Tyrrhenian Sea, which can be
Sleeps 12 | View IT5444

Italy, Southern Italy, Sardinia
From 5658.00
The villa is a charming family home built into the rocks overlooking the Tyrrhenian sea and La Maddalena islands below. This spacious villa is the ideal base for your trip to the North of Sardinia, an island with delicious food, a wealth of cultural attractions and a stunning coastline. To fi
Sleeps 7 | View IT5443

Italy, Central Italy, Tuscany
From 4213.00
Nestled on a Tuscan hillside among greenery and olive groves, this villa offers panoramic views that will stay with you forever. It's about a 15-minute drive from Cortona and the ideal place to unwind after exploring the beautiful Etruscan town. This stunning farmhouse dates back to the 700s,
Sleeps 10 | View IT5442

Italy, Central Italy, Le Marche
From 3961.00
Cosmic Villas is proud to offer this lovely residence with magnificent views, exquisite décor, and incredible optional services. The hotel provides a luxurious yet genuine experience in the lovely Le Marche region, approximately 10 minutes from the stunning coast. The house is a stunning four
Sleeps 8 | View IT5014

From 2797.00
Cosmic Villas is proud to offer this villa in a picturesque rural retreat surrounded by farmland, vineyards, and rolling hills. It is a charming, traditional Italian home with a blend of contemporary comforts and rustic allure. Enjoy your vacation while soaking up the beauty of this five-bedroom
Sleeps 12 | View IT5013

Italy, Central Italy, Le Marche
From 3932.00
Cosmic Villas is proud to offer this stunning sea view property with a magnificent pool. In addition to being close to many of Le Marche's lovely villages and historic cities, it is a fantastic family property in an excellent location for taking advantage of the beaches along the Adriatic coast.
Sleeps 12 | View IT5072

Italy, Central Italy, Le Marche
From 3173.00
This magnificent home is located in the picturesque Le Marche region, surrounded by valleys and a sea of green, and is proudly offered by Cosmic Villas. The villa is a cosy vacation home in central Italy, halfway between the Adriatic and the Tuscan and Umbrian areas. This lovely retreat is exc
Sleeps 12 | View IT5059

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